The Hustle Is Real: Novafox

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The Hustle Is Real: Novafox
SOUNDOFF X Lauren Waldvogel


The Hustle Is Real: Novafox
SOUNDOFF X Lauren Waldvogel

SOUNDOFF Headphones DJ SnapBack

The Hustle Is Real: Novafox
SOUNDOFF X Lauren Waldvogel


The Hustle Is Real: Novafox
SOUNDOFF X Lauren Waldvogel

the lover Marilyn icon slouchy T-shirt women

The Hustle Is Real: Novafox
SOUNDOFF X Lauren Waldvogel


The Hustle Is Real: Novafox
SOUNDOFF X Lauren Waldvogel

"The Bass & Guitar" T-Shirt

The influence of music, fashion and art synchronize beautifully with creative Lauren Waldvogel. 

Known by stage name Novafox, Lauren is shaping pop culture one step at a time. The curious innovator has taken beauty, styling, and branding into her unique blend of art direction, playing a perfect glove with music and photography. 

The curious visionary creates radical content (feminism, gender, cultural appropriation, sexual politics, internet culture constitute some of the biggest themes) and a showcases satisfying and juicy behind-the-scenes content on IG stories. It’s no surprise that people are mesmerized by her interesting lifestyle. 

Reminding others to have fun and step outside the box has brought an outpouring of support. Inspiring people consistently has paved way for her strong social media following.

As for Lauren, fashion and music are formidable forces, playgrounds for sensational creative vision.  

Outside of her work, she loves to write and make music. “That is what gets me going and exercises the creativity that I put out into the world. I also love writing, whether it be short stories or poetry. I think to have other endeavors and passions outside of work is SO important, especially when you need to give 100% at the office. If you aren’t letting your creative energy flow, chances are you are setting up mental blocks for yourself.” – Lauren Waldvogel 

Follow her on social @novafoxmusic @novafoxsees 

Q What work type pays the bills? 

I am working from 9-5, but as a freelance photographer, stylist, branding strategist. As an artist, you are always hustling. So every day I wake up knowing I’m going to work of some sort, it’s just a little more unpredictable (I like to say “exciting”) than most people’s 9-5 work day. 

Q What are 3 things you can’t live without?

Internet, Ramen, and HBO. 

Q What are 3 things you can live without?

Donald Trump, freezing weather, and tomato juice. Yuck. 

Q If you can have 3 wishes granted, what it be?

I wish for my daughter to have a great, memorable childhood, I wish for a permanent vacation house in Maui (normal wish right?), and I wish for a bank account that just fills itself up when it’s feeling low.

Q One word expression that describes your persona and why?

Eccentric. Because I do way too many unexpected jobs and projects. From filming face lift surgeries to rap videos, to doing wedding makeup, to writing music- I’ve done alot of weird off beat things.

Q One thing people wouldn’t expect from your background

How many countries I traveled to as a kid. That number is around 22 – 23 

Q Who is your rock star hero?

 Stevie Nicks of course

Q What would be a song title that sums up today’s society

“Look What We’ve Done”

Q If you can have a beer with two people, who would it be 

Well, actually it would be vodka because I’m allergic to beer (haha). But I would have to say, Oprah, because the woman is a queen and I’d love to pick her brain. And also, Seth Rogan. Firstly, because I have a crush, but mostly I don’t like having cocktails with people who aren’t entertaining. 

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