A Multi-Talented Misfit: Nate Fierro

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A Multi-Talented Misfit: Nate Fierro
SOUNDOFF x Nate Fierro

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A Multi-Talented Misfit: Nate Fierro
SOUNDOFF x Nate Fierro


The sublime progressive style of the 70s and 80s in art, fashion, skateboarding, and music transcends strong in Southern California. Home to the most creative and talented people, resides arguably the most famous tattoo shop in LA, High Voltage. The sought out establishment has brought an outpour of skilled tattoo artists. Of those artists is the multitalented misfit, Nate Fierro.

Raised in the diverse and appealing culture of Los Angeles, Nate has refined his knack for creative skill bringing beauty and emotional power to his specialty in neo-traditional Americana and Japanese style tattoos.

As for the LA native the everyday norm consists of skateboarding, art, and tasty vegan food.  Don’t be surprised if you catch Nate doing hard flips at a local skateboarding park and munching on vegan tacos.  Veganism is a major part of his life, if he can have a beer with anyone in the world it would be with Dr. Sebi and Dr. Michael Greger to discuss health and nutrition.

Whether he’s transcending his energy in art or getting lost to the psychedelic brilliance of John Lennon, he has a strong desire in seeking truthful interactions with others. Compassionate for all life forms he believes in animal liberation and world peace.


When asked, what are three things you can live with out? His answer was simple – “ no war, politics, and traffic” – Nate Fierro.

Check out Nate and his endeavors IG @natefierro


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