Modern Icons: introducing A.J. Khah

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Modern Icons: introducing A.J. Khah
Chicago/Hard Rock

A.J. is wearing our soundoff headphone sweatshirt in heather gray/black.

Modern Icons: introducing A.J. Khah
Chicago/Hard Rock

A.J. is wearing our soul idol crew neck t-shirt in black.

Modern Icons: introducing A.J. Khah

A.J. is wearing our soul soundbox crew neck t-shirt in navy and muse wing idol snapback in navy.

Modern Icons: introducing A.J. Khah

A.J. is wearing our daemon icon t-shirt in heavy metal.

Modern Icons: introducing A.J. Khah

A.J. is styled our iconoclast/jack icon t-shirt in black.

Modern Icons showcases people who are authentically shaping and influencing contemporary culture in their own voice.  We are proud to have Atlanta native, now Chicago resident and Sleep On It bassist, A.J. Khah, as our inaugural feature.

The 411:

Age: 26
Vitals:  6’0, brown hair, brown eyes
DNA: Half Portuguese & Half Persian
Native of: Atlanta, GA
Currently resides: Chicago, IL
Handle:  @kingkhah


Bassist: band Sleep On It (@sleeponitband)
Owner: Zero Studio (@zerostudiochi) – that’s been my biggest focus when I’m not working on Sleep On It.

Three 3’s:
3 things you can’t live without:   My dog Zero, comic books, and probably my laptop
3 things you could live without:   the bachelor or dating game shows, Fox News, and the president
3 wishes granted:   A cure for diabetes, world peace, and to play in the NBA celebrity game on all-star weekend.

In Your Own Words:
One thing about you or your background that most wouldn’t expect:
I know magic. For a while in high school I got into doing street magic. I got pretty good at it.

The song, group or singer that sealed the deal for you wanting to be a musician/performer:
For me, I grew up loving Green Day, Fall Out Boy and any project Butch Walker was working on at the time. My sister always took me to concerts she loved when we were growing up. I got to meet Butch Walker at a Best Buy in store performance when he was with the Marvelous 3. I was only 8 or 9 years old, but it made me want to be a musician.

But it was the song “ATL” that Butch Walker wrote for his solo album made me realize how music can help change someone’s outlook on life. When I first heard that song and actually listened to the lyrics and meaning of the song, I was in college away from my family and home town. I was very homesick at the time and felt like I couldn’t continue being alone in a city, but “ATL” made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Someone else has been where I am and gotten through it. At that moment I knew that I wanted to be a musician.

If you had to write a song title to capture what’s happening today:
Oh man, that’s a rough question to ask. I guess it would be something like “the business of being a president”

If you could sit and have a beer with two people, who and why?
President Obama and Jason Momoa. Mostly because I feel like the two of those guys drinking together would be amazing to see. President Obama is arguably one of the most influential presidents of our lives and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Plus it’s a bucket list item for me to play a game of 21 against him.

I’m a fan of Jason Momoa’s work and the fact that he’s going to be one of my favorite comic book heroes. The guy just seems like a good time and maybe I could convince him to let me be his side kick “Aqualad”…A nerd can dream.

How vital are musicians and artists in today’s climate?
Honestly, I think now more than ever musicians will play a vital role in society. Music is always a catalyst to getting the conversation started about change. With a presidency that is using racist and xenophobic rhetoric to push their agendas down the throats of Americans, it’s now more than ever that the world needs musicians to start the conversation on how to prevent these changes from happening.

“White America” was a song that was made to question and criticize the Bush administration. Even Green Day made an entire rock opera that expresses the disillusionment and dissent of an entire generation of American that grew up in a time that was shaped by the Bush administration.

You know you’ve made it when?
This constantly changes for me. It used to be I’d know I’ve made it when I got a recording contract. But now I guess it’s when I can focus on just making music and not needing another job to live. I know I will always work on things outside of Sleep On It, I always have ideas that I want to try and Zero Studio is one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done.

But Sleep On It will always be my number one passion and I would love to know if I chose to just focus on that and I’d be financially stable, that’s when I know I’ve made it.




What would be your soundoff persona and why?
I’ve been a huge fan of soundoff clothing for a while and love “the illusionist” line. I had a friend who knew about my fondness of magic and I was a musician my entire life so she made up a word to describe me in high school. She called me a “musigician” – musician + magician. 

I think that the illusionist idol with the logo headphones and bunny ears is the perfect representation of that nick name. I kind of have a fondness towards it for that reason.


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