Let Your T-Shirt Be a Rolling Stone

From its origins on the battlefields of World War I to today’s red carpet runways, the t-shirt easily gets the dual award of “lifetime achievement” and “most valuable player” in our closet.

First coffee dates, weekend brunches, afternoons at the museum, nights on the town, summer, spring, winter, or fall—the t-shirt is an integral player to our daily routine. With just a bit of imagination and keeping in mind some traditional styling cues, it is the one essential that can offer versatility with elevation.

soundoffstyled is our guide to individual distinction with effortless style. Just like the icons and personas that inspire our design philosophy, we show you that a soundoff t-shirt can be worn with more than just jeans or shorts. It can complement around the clock, on-the-go living and serve as a window into expressing who you are, where you are going, and how you want to be received when you get there.

This month we feature our inaugural soundoff capsule as an introductory primer to t-shirt style—athleisure, partnered with jackets, and layered. From time to time we will highlight select partner/collaborator apparel and accessories that uniquely complement our spirit of expression. This month we are proud to partner with made-in-the-USA premium menswear brand Stock Mfg. Co. (Chicago) for select looks in our Jackets Required and Layer it Up galleries.

Zane Abby ath leisure_2016-05-25 16.00.38Athleisure – The New Streetwear

One of the biggest (and likely sustaining) fashion trends this year, athletic wear breaks free from the gym and becomes a staple for around the clock style. Give the comfort and ease of athleisure wear some “personality” with our soundoff gear.

Alen Dana denim_2016-05-24 14.48.48

Jackets Required

We are serious when it comes to “smart casual”. Jackets and blazers take on a whole new life with our soundoff gear in tow.


Zane double door_2016-05-25 15.12.06Layer It Up

Wear it on top. Wear it underneath. No matter how you wear it, soundoff gear is the perfect layering essential for AM to PM living.


produced by: Daryl Sneed
photographed by: Bret Grafton
styled by: Beth Berlin
hair & makeup by: Allie Kunkler
agency: Factor Chosen (Chicago)

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