Jackets Required

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Jackets Required

On Alen: the soundoff double headphones tshirt

Jackets Required

On Zane: the iconoclast/jack icon t-shirt paired with Phantom Flight Pants & Khaki Ike Jacket from Stock Mfg. Co.

Jackets Required

On Dana: the provocateur duo t‐shirt

Jackets Required

On Abby: the soundoff burnout tank

We are serious when it comes to “smart casual”. Jackets and blazers take on a whole new life with our soundoff gear in tow.

produced by: Daryl Sneed
photographed by: Bret Grafton
styled by: Beth Berlin
hair & makeup by: Allie Kunkler
agency: Factor Chosen (Chicago)
select men’s apparel from : Stock Mfg. Co (https://www.stockmfg.co/)

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