How To Wear Athleisure

athleisure sneakers and leggings

Upcoming generations want their clothing to be versatile, comfortable, high performance and stylish. Enter athleisure. The athleisure trend answers some of the highest expectations for clothing. If you’d like to adapt this new trend with grace and style, check out Vogue’s 5 Golden Rules:

  1. Keep up with seasonal trends
  2. Invest in pieces that mix function and fashion
  3. Accessorize appropriately
  4. Dress for the occasion
  5. When in doubt, stick to neutrals

The full details on athleisure in Vogue’s article, The 5 Golden Rules of Athleisure: Is It Really Acceptable to Wear Yoga Pants All Day Long?
Learn how to wear athleisure like a pro through the soundoffstyled athleisure gallery..

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